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A Lesson from the Covid-year

This year has taught me a lot and it has cemented for me this:

The work I do is absolutely for everyone who is called to me, no matter this size of their checking account. This is for everyone who is ready to be met where they are, as they are.

The unfolding of Covid-related social injustices and systemic iniquities reinforces for me what I’ve known since this way of being unfolded for me a decade ago: the business models that exist and are defined as ‘successful’ do not support this work, this service to others. Support for awakening processes and those coming into their own gifted nature is vital for every single person.

I remain committed to the idea that those who can, will financially support me in helping those who cannot; that ‘we do this together’ is more than a mantra, it’s a way of expressing our love for one another while in the midst of the most demanding of human experiences.

I will continue to offer short-term or one-off services that people will pay set fees for like the readings and spiritual counseling. However, there will not be a membership structure that allows more financially well-off people more access than those who are poor. Those who struggle to feed themselves and their families will not have to choose between being supported in their transformation and going it alone.That means those who choose to work with me will understand and accept that some will pay $20 a month to work with me and others will pay $2000, each receiving the same attention and tools.

My boundaries are the same for everyone as is the depth of care I give and the power of the energies I move.I cannot say I am in service to a God or the Gods and leave those who are the embodied expression of him and them aside. To contort myself and message into the fear of scarcity takes me out of my loving nature.

I can no longer do that. If you’ve not yet visited explored my site in a while to see what it is I do and why, please go here:

To help me help others, donations to this gofund me campaign are ever-so-welcome.

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