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Like other paintings, this began with an entirely different idea, one of my own. However, others had another idea. This work, like that called Ariel, is directly tied to my work around Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and was directed by the paint and Ancestors. Where they flowed through the brush, this emerged.


In my world, in the current circumstances, yellow is justice. And when Raven showed himself in this form as this piece was developing, my mind went to the the Haida story about Raven. Raven, being the curious (and easily bored) one followed the sound of a noisy clam shell after the great flood revealed it. He pecked and prodded and knocked it around, finally opening it and letting out from the shell, the first people.

It is my hope that my work pecks and prods and knocks around the right systems to reveal the hidden Missing Women buried unceremoniously under the ground and reveals the systems that perpetuate their exploitation and murder.

Here, Raven sits; watching with patience, a heart guided by his True North. Owl, too, sits at the bottom of the piece. Here she accompanies the hearts and voices of those holding the secrets of trafficking network and waits to bring them into the light.

Raven is 10" x 30" x 1.5". He is $975.00 (not including shipping).

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