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Yemojah, as I know her, is The Water,The Mother of All of Creation. I don't know when it was she introduced herself to me. When I began seeking an intellectual way to understand what I was seeing and feeling, the definitions given her by the Yoruba and other cultures felt too small; almost as if the language given her limited her power, her breadth and her breath of life. Whether in Africa, the Caribbean or South America, She's held as 'beneath' the Creator of All Things when, as I know her, She is The Creator of All Things.

I have a deep appreciation of how, in Santeria, she has been merged with the imagery and gentleness of Mother Mary. Here, she is storm and soother; foundation and flow; kissing the sun as it rises or sets. Her depths and textures as river, creek, rain, tears, cloud and fog are all represented here and what comes through for many who see Her in this form is a deep loving presence and, often simultaneously, the smell after a cleansing summer rain.

Yemojah already has a new home!

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