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Longings Laid Bare


The need to be laid bare is palpable. To be fully naked,

exposed and disposed of all secrets,

a tabula rasa erased of all gibberish that holds me in the recesses.

As if the more dark the places are aired out, the more I can breathe.

To eviserate myself so I don’t wither and disappear into the dust without leaving our footprints;

to flay the skin and lay my soul unfurled.

To be witnessed, to not be in my beingness alone, unseen again.

To see my vulnerability

To know my real courage

To know me, see me

intimately. Without fear in the face of unknown and evolution.

To see as much mud as magnificence,

Capable of bringing the stardust,

starlight to the darkest places of

the most walled off heart.

To know the power of wakening Sleeping Giants and Buffalo

embodied in the breath, to be exchanged between lips and piercing tongue.

To know that the soft skin

gives way to an undefended heart,

an eternal fire whose

flames lick the heart of Man.

Because to be touched by love, desire, and grace

as much as  by violence and the violations of others’ sanctified space.

Those things that are remembered and released

To be replenished by goodness and mercy and beauty and light and the

ultimate ecstasy of lover and loving.

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