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An Ocean without Shore

I marveled at an Ocean without shore, and at a Shore that did not have an ocean; And at a Morning Light without darkness, and at a Night that was without daybreak; And then a Sphere with no locality known to either fool or learned scholar; And at an azure Dome raised over the earth, circulating ’round its center – Compulsion; And at a rich Earth without o’er-arching vault and no specific location, the Secret concealed… I courted a Secret which existence did not alter; for it was asked of me: “Has Thought enchanted you? ” – To which I replied: “I have no power over that; I counsel you: Be patient with it while you live. But, truly, if Thought becomes established in my mind, the embers kindle into flame, And everything is given up to fire the like of which was never seen before!” And it was said to me: “He does not pluck a flower who calls himself with courtesy ‘Freeborn’.” “He who woos the belle femme in her boudoir, love-beguiled, will never deem the bridal-price too high!” I gave her the dower and was given her in marriage throughout the night until the break of Dawn – But other than Myself I did not find. – Rather, that One whom I married – may his affair be known: For added to the Sun’s measure of light are the radiant New Moon and shining Stars; Like Time, dispraised – though the Prophet (Blessings on him!) had once declared of your Lord that He is Time.

~ Ibn Arabi

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