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Fear of Beauty

I’ve been thinking. Seriously. It happens sometimes. I’ve been wondering why it is that so many people are afraid of themselves.

Yesterday, I had a client who admitted to being afraid of herself, her true self b/c she didn’t ‘know’ her. I asked, “Are you afraid of beauty?” She responded with the look that said I had three heads and said, “oh. Ooooooohhhhhhh…Well, no, of course not.” To which I, in my own special smart-assed way replied, “Well, then.” And then suggested she let that noodle around in her noggin for a bit. I continued to ponder that myself as I lay down last night to sleep.

I wondered why it is that we (the general we) plant things for beauty, we paint things for beauty, we buy things for their beauty, we go on country drives to more appreciate the beauty around us, we listen to music for its beauty and, yet, we cannot–or do not want to–see it in ourselves. And we don’t seem to understand that we cannot truly see it in others or around us until we see it in ourselves.

The fear of the unknown is, well, well-known. We ‘get’ that and seem to accept that as just a part of the human condition that we all live with.

When the fear of the Known, though, continues to hold us back (see follow-up blog to this one as I share my recent struggle), we do ourselves and the world a huge disservice. When we acknowledge that our dis-comfort/dis-ease (aka fear) holds us back because it’s actually our comfort blanket, wrapped snugly around us so we don’t get out and no one really gets in, we are missing out on living. Capital L living.

I receive the familiar three-headed look when I ask people to talk to themselves in the mirror as if they are the Divine, the Source, their Source and Divine. As if they are something other than that–that beautiful, fabulous Self.

Don’t do your self or the world disservice any longer. Today’s the first day of Lent. How about giving up fear of your own Beauty-ful, Divine, own, truly magnificent Self. In doing so, the rest of what’s been waiting for you will become clear and Living will be easy. (I think there’s a song for that!)

I love you.

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