I see you. Thank you.

Dene Thá, Poplar Hill, Acho Dene NWT, Fort Nelson, Bad River, Pictou.  Thank you.

Tobique, Windigo, Shibogama, Paawidigong, Wabuskang, Munsee Delware, Tetoten Community, Kwikwetlen, Semilahmoo, Marmora Mine, Curve Lake, Hiawatha, Aldervil, Tyendinaga, Bay Qunite.  Thank you.

Leqand, Sumas, Swantlen, Matsqui, Sapotaweyak, Nisgaa, Okanagan, Chiniki, Treaty 8, Paul, Enoch and Alexander First Nations. Thank you.

Skwah, Squiaala, Tzchentn, Soowahlie, Douglas, Shxw’ow’tamel, Skaahlook, Dakota Ojibe, Poplar River, Island Lake, Long Plain, St. Theresa Point, Lake St. Martin, Adena, Wyandotte, Sioux Valley, Rolling River, Sandy Bay, Weywaysee Cappo, Cote, Keescehowenin, Rouseau River, Conchiching, Fisher River, Hitchi, Catawba, Shawnee, Apalachee, Muscogee, Yuchi, Kijicho Manito Madadeskarine.

Rolling River, Cote, Keeseehoowenin, Canupawakpa, Peguis Ojibe Cree, Wabgoon Lake, Chippewa of Thames, Southern FN Seertanati

Thank you. I love you.

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