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I’ve Cured Cancer

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~ Dr. Seuss

There. I’ve said it. Out loud.

One of the more challenging aspects of the work I do is related to the fact that people who experience miraculous (a word not used loosely here) results when they work with me, won’t share those results for reasons I can only assume are related to fear of what others might think.

This is frustrating and mind-numbing and heart-breaking–all in the midst of the joy and gratitude healing brings–because, no matter how open and honest and forthright and transparent and vulnerable and consistent I am, I am  not believed or the process of my laying hands on and loving a being back to health is not believed or, it is all believed, fully engaged in and results are brilliant and they are not shared widely.

The fear of openly shouting ‘HOLY SHIT, my dog no longer has cancer after Ingrid touched him!” to everyone who will hear limits the ability to engage in the broader discussion of what I (and others) can bring to the table in terms of health care reform, what self-healing is and ain’t;  the role of faith or belief in those things that we may not understand;  and, makes it a damn-sight harder to provide the proof the some people want. And, because this isn’t always an altruistic act, it keeps me destitute.

Those who are hesitant to work with me are unlikely to believe that I’ve ‘cured’ (read below to see why cure is in quotes here) arthritis, tinnitus, TBI, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lyme, addictions, symptoms of mental illness, Chron’s and other GI disorders, chronic pain, generalized neuropathy, and more when it only comes from me. In addition, many of these changes in physical and emotional health don’t have a way to measure a ‘before and after’. Something like cancer, though—be it osteosarcoma, lymphoma or prostate–offers a clear, measurable, unambiguous glimpse into what ‘healing’ can do. When another person takes the opportunity to say their, or their animal’s, measurable disease or disorder has vanished, at little or no cost to them space is created to open minds, for questions and honest answers that include ‘we don’t know’; and, most importantly, space for hope, curiosity, and optimism is created. Hope and optimism for individual health, for change in communal discussion of well-being, the future of medicine, and affordability of both beyond the anti-pharma bluster.  When we can build upon hope and optimism with blood test results, x-rays and expanded research, we’ve a real chance at changing systems that have stagnated and no longer serve us.

There is a lot of research out there regarding this kind of work but it’s nearly impossible due to the expense of accessing the studies. Sharing what we know openly with each other bypasses that limitation. Anecdotes accrue into data. Data can create that discussion and move mere curiosity into research (or, as important in my view, remind us that there are things we are never going to know).

What is the difference between our current ‘medicalized’ system and the ‘new paradigm’ that is supported by users of social media when it includes fake ‘health news’; anti-pharma-, pseudo-sci-celebr-wellness through stories of coffee-colonic cancer cures ‘proved!!’; medi-speerachul-types who charge $400 for a 30 minute consultation, meme-ified horseshit that’s passed and inhaled as truth, and shouts of ‘PROVE IT!’ are met with silence.

I’m not the only one who does this work and I watch gifted healers refuse to engage their gifts because they are afraid to face the derision and silence that meets good work. They are afraid of being poor, afraid of seeing themselves and being seen as the gifts they are–in part, because others are afraid to speak truth.  In doing so, they wither into all those things associated with not being their ownfineself.

All of this yammering has been inspired by several experiences the past few weeks. First, there was a third, veterinarian-proved cure of cancer in a canine. Second, a friend shared a photo on FB that included ‘what if the cure for cancer was trapped in the mind of someone who can’t afford an education’.  I was compelled to reply:

Y’all, there are lots of cures for cancer. They are real and they are findable but sifting through the shit-ton of pseudo- and false science, metaphysical mumbo jumbo and the claptrap that is put out there as ‘health’ news does the job for the drug companies. They don’t have to suppress a thing. We do it because we won’t talk honestly about it. I’ve cured cancer in dogs three times–twice for free and once for $85: lymphoma, osteosarcoma, and prostate. Not a doggie momma will openly admit it for their own reasons that I can only assume are grounded in fear of what others will think. To openly talk about this stuff we have to admit things like: the scientific method has limitations, that our education systems don’t allow exploration past the party (often political!) line, medicine isn’t always ‘healing’, what we actually *know* is a whole fat lot of nothing compared to what we don’t know, that there are fakers who need to be called out, skeptics who need to shut up, and those skirting the edges of modern/mystical/ancient (and effective) healing practices need to be supported.

Two weeks ago a dog owner was fully prepared to surgically remove the jaw of an otherwise healthy animal because a tumor, that for the cost of a dinner and wine at a decent restaurant, could be easily dissolved.

And, finally, a few days ago, for the first time, I said out loud to a stranger, “I’m asking you to believe me. To, even if you don’t have faith in system that supports this, that you trust we’ve been brought together for a distinct purpose. And, if not now, when?”  I said this to a physician whose practice and research is grounded in the study psychiatry and neurology.  I said it because every fiber in my being has known for two years that what I do is absolutely necessary and needed now in a particular part of the world.

And, she said, “I believe you.”

So, I’m going to say, now, out loud that I have cured cancer.  Three times. In dogs. I have also worked with a woman who had breast cancer who is now house-hunting instead of living with hospice. However, I was part of a larger team working with her so who knows how that tumor just disappeared. Just vanished. We don’t know how and we don’t know why, but we know it did.

I don’t usually use the word cure for many of the disorders that vanish when people work with me because although they may present with a medical diagnosis either: a) the root of the symptoms that led to the diagnosis is not an actual disease in the way a physician might identify it, and/or b) measurements via titers, 8 by 10 glossy x-rays or other data are not made after the work is complete. The symptoms just disappear and people either don’t need to return to an MD or, when they do, it is only to be weaned off medications because the symptoms have vanished.

The above-mentioned good doctor and I cannot be the only brave ones in this.

If I–if we–are to expand perceptions and realities,  broaden or remove boundaries, move from discussions of consciousness to action grounded in conscience, we must speak truthfully.  We all must be willing to forward these discussions. We can’t keep griping about ‘nothing changing’ when we aren’t willing to do the simplest thing like speak and share our own new truths and experiences that forward the above.

The value in, and the purpose behind, the work I do is not merely the capacity for individual healing or touching the whole—the holy. It is about bringing universal change through exchange.  To do that in the manner that we, as a societies, need now requires active participation and active support–whether for me or others who push the mind-boundaries of spirit, matter, time and technology.

This post isn’t just about the healing of cancers by the touch of a couple of hands or about me being put-out because folks won’t openly share what others might find unbelievable. It’s about all of us trusting that to bring forth newness, we need to push our own boundaries and support those who do it in  ways we cannot.

So, fuck it, I’m saying out loud that I cure shit with my hands and my heart.  And others do the same with plants, with machines, with exercises, with acupuncture, qi gong.  What we do and how we do it needs to be part of the community discussion on mental, physical, emotional and energetic or spiritual wellness.

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