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My Life as an Elephant


This image of Gregory Colbert’s came across my Facebook stream after a very interesting conversation with a new client and friend.  Within two minutes of me pulling into the driveway after a 2500+ mile return trip from Montana, her husband knocked on the door and asked for my card.  That began my journey with this lovely lady. In one of those strings of surreal moments that began with a cup of coffee and turned into a three hour conversation, she described to me a series of three dreams she had leading to our meeting.

In each dream she was riding a series of trains, feeling lost and looking for home.  In the third dream, she stepped from the train onto the platform and found a boy and an elephant.  She asked the boy if he could show her where home was.  The boy pointed her to the elephant & connected her to its trunk and then vanished.

And so our journey together began–in a dream weeks before we met we started the walk home, my heart in her hand.

To see more of Gregory Colbert’s work, find his page on Facebook or use Google. The tablet doozit I’m using won’t let me link in the most convenient way for readers. Apologies.  In my opinion, his images are worth the few extra seconds of typing his name!

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