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No Time for Miracles?


Yesterday, I watched part of a documentary called Holy Ghost. The whole movie is an exploration of proselytizing around the globe by bringing healing energy–here called the Holy Spirit or Power of Jesus–to the streets.

In it, Darren Wilson, the director, interviewed a Pentecostal minister who is ‘ministering’ at a temple while the Holy Ghost crew is there. When the discussion segued into healing powers, here’s what the minister had to say:

…in the history of the church, there were certain times where miracles and extraordinary events happened. We shouldn’t necessarily expect them today.  Especially when we have the complete bible.”

I disagree entirely.

We should expect miracles. In fact, they’ve never stopped occurring–those things of awe & wonder for which there is no explanation. We should desire them, acknowledge and honor them.  When we can accept that things occur without easy, logical or scientific reason or explanation, we will become more open to the truth of other people’s experience without judgment.  We’ll be open to more of our own experiences without judgment.

And now, more than ever, is absolutely the time.

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