Tangled Web


Wave after wave of grief & pain.

Not the colossal waves that shred, cleanse and renew but hints.  Small little ripples teasing, a prelude to what is to come.

I don’t know as I’ve ever given much consideration to the anything called an ultimate betrayal.  I thought I might have experienced that as a child.

But this is altogether different. I’ve been lured into a place of trusting, loving, open-heartedness, open-leggedness, into the twistedness of another’s true nature.  Brought into the role of lover and used as a pawn in someone else’s depravity.  Elaborate weaving entirely unnecessary when simplicity of offering of love & comfort would suffice. 

To what end? I could suppose to satisfy some personal need.  I could delude myself into thinking that the nature that drew me to love is really behind these masks of deception.    I could.  I won’t. 

I’ll just wait for the maddening, deafening, crashing of it all and then dive in and through. 

Although a solid right hook connecting to a jaw would feel really, really good!

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