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The vision and the road well-traveled

Fiery Run Fog 2

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.  ~ Robert Frost

Do you trust her? Who follows a dream?” ~ Anonymous to her daughter  in relation to me staying in her home

*note: Dreams and visions are not the same but it’s probably a good idea if both are followed. 

In the last post, I wrote about the vision that led to a road trip to Shelton, CT.  Last week I drove over the hills, through the woods via the Merritt Parkway and Tappan Zee bridge on the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving (note to self: don’t do that again), into the fine state of Connecticut to see what there was to see of Trap Falls Road.  In truth, there’s not much to Trap Falls Road.  There it is.  With big water.  Bic Headquarters, some Energizer corporate offices, Cablevision and, on a road extension, about eight houses.

Not much to look at and not much to send the spidey senses into high-gear.  A little disappointing.  Four hundred and thirty-ish odd miles for notsomuch as a fizzle (in my world, a fizzle is like a weak electric signal that indicates I need to pay attention).


Let me backtrack a bit.  As I researched where to stay in or around good ol’ Shelton, CT, I paid a visit to  Although I appreciate my own space, sometimes local color and discussion can bring clarity to why I’m going to where I’m going. Plus, why stay in a sterile hotel? When I first clicked through a couple of possibilities popped up and I began communication with each.  The first was an apologetic “Sorry, but…” and the second ‘clicked’.   Coincidence?  Nosireebob.  This ‘chance’ meeting was the whole point of my being directed to Connecticut.

Whenever I follow a vision or a calling or “push” (yes, they’re different), I don’t know an outcome. Long ago, I also learned to drop all expectations of how I think any outcome should appear or assess, analytically speaking, what it is (or should be) about.   I only embark on the journey because I know I must.  Anything less is not an option.

Sometimes the experiences are the shits (April 2012 in the UK) and sometimes, like this trip, they sing of magic.

I didn’t meet my hosts the first night.  Forty-plus minutes to go forty-minus miles at the tail-end of four hundred mile drive wiped me out so I went to bed without meeting them. Monday morning, though, I as found my legs again, we began to chat. And chat.  And,  well, you get the picture.

Guess who used to work on Trap Falls Road before they left the corporate kulture-trap?  Ayup.  Both of them. Guess who are yoga instructor and healthy living coach?  Her, him, respectively. Guess who’d been asking for me to come?  Her.  A budding healer in her own magnificent way. Although she didn’t know I was going to show up in this package.  But, she’d put a very specific ask out into the ether and, lo & behold, guess who turned up following a freaking vision?   Ayup. That’d be me.

Combined with a string of other synchronicities that cannot be ignored, Trap Falls Road delivered in spades!

What is to come of this interaction?  I won’t know until it does but I’m grateful that I know to follow the direction given, in whatever fashion it arrives. Frozen roads and fear be damned.


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