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View Master Masher


Remember these? Click, blink, presto-chango? Except, the slides remain the same, right?

 Now, if I remember correctly, you could (okay, your parents could) buy a new set of slides but still, the slides remain the same.  Want to see what you want to see?  Put in the correct slide and you’re good to go.

My job, although I lean toward calling it healer, is more like View Master Masher (the not-so-distant cousin to the Gerbil Stomper, by the way).

My job is not to create a story for you that will make you more comfortable with who I am.

Nor is it in my job description to create a story for you that will make you more comfortable with who you are.

My job is to open you to the uncomfortable idea that things are not how they seem to you to really be; to the notion that your mind isn’t as open as you think it is because you’re still wearing blinkers–er, blinders.

My job is not to conform or contort myself into your existing View Master box of how the world appears be at any given click.

It is to pull you away from that box, smash it, burn the slides and introduce you to the possibilities beyond anything you’ve ever–or never–imagined.

It is my job to show you that things you thought impossible, are possible.

It is my job to show you that things of fancy & fantasy are just as miraculous as the blowing wind.

It is my job to bring you to the realization that the momentary discomfort and distraction of your eyes widening, heart opening, and mind blowing is a catalyst for altering your life and that of those around you.

My job is to bring you back to joy, back to union, to fill in those blank spaces of Paulo Coelho’s to live as human and divinity.

And then to sit back and watch you change the world.

One hand, one heart, one breath at a time.

No leash, no yoke, no prepared slideshow.  Just you.  In all of your glory.

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