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Visions of Suga…Shelton…Connecticut?

About six weeks ago, I had a vision.  In it, I was driving through some burb somewhere, sort of slowly but not slow enough to actually come to a stop.  As I cruised through an intersection the sign on a pole said what I thought was “Trapp _____ Road”. Slowly motoring past the sign I said to my invisible passenger in the car, “Hey, I think that’s the way.”

Sure enough, drove past it (because apparently I drive in my visions the same way I drive in reality) and ended up at a dead end at big water. Then, I said to the passenger who had entirely disappeared, “Fuck. Yep, that’s the right way”. And, then passenger showed up to hold my hand in reality as if to say, “Well, let’s go!”. So at 0400, I turned on the computer, opened Google maps and started investigating. At first I thought I was going to Gardiner, NY.  That made logical sense but didn’t feel right. So I did something a little wacky and practiced some patience while asking for clarity.  And guess what popped up?   Yes, indeed. Trapp Falls Road (where I needed to turn left) and big water (large reservoir) in Shelton, CT.

Since the vision, all sorts of people have been popping up between Shelton, New London, Gales Ferry & Hebron like little flares so I’m not sure if this is location specific or is about something more broad but there’s only one way to find out.

So, off to Shelton, Connecticut I go.  A tank of gas, one soon-to-overstuffed bag, $14 and a couple of places to stay.  I’ve no idea why I’m going where I’m going but I figure it can’t be any worse than the April I spent in the UK.

Here goes sumpin’, kids!

If you’re in Connecticut, give me a shout and let’s connect!  Get it?  Connect?  Connecticut?

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