"This is not a journey for the feet; the feet bring us only from land to land; 

nor need you think of coach or ship to carry you away; 

all this order of things you must set aside and refuse to see: 

you must close the eyes and call instead upon another vision which is to be waked within you, 

a vision, the birthright of all, which few turn to see."  ~ Plontius

Healing Sessions

What to Expect:

In-person sessions are a hands-on experience. There are sessions in which few words are said. In others, I may have a lot to say or be spoken through. There is always a lot of snot as we bring emotions through or stand in awe together. Because I am immuno-compromised, I will only do hands-on work with others who self-isolate.

Remote sessions, the new norm as Covid continues, allow for similar physiological, emotional and spiritual transformation but require a commitment on your part. You must be willing to match my focus with your own, to be fully present--without distraction--in the flow with me for the time we are scheduled to be together, usually two hours. You must also either use Amazon music (or be willing to do their free trial) or have the capacity to download and decompress a playlist from Dropbox.

In remote sessions, we will be on a video call together or we will not use technology at all. We'll discuss options during our initial conversation.

Belief is not necessary. The willingness to show up is.

"My session with you was a huge turning pivotal point in my life. I would love another session with you and, in fact, my regular therapist encouraged that I work with both of you."

"I know the work is transformative. And it's not all sweetness and light...but it fucking moves blocks! And, yeah, mine was powerful but necessary. If you're looking for a fairy-sprinkling of Reiki--this ain't it!"

"My husband had a life-changing nap! I myself have had an ACL repaired remotely that saved me from surgery. And a rebirth experience complete with visions and messages. Each exchange is unique and indescribably potent."

"...in my first remote session, about 20 seconds in, just when I thought to myself, Harrumph, nothing is happening...something came up from deep inside me and I started sobbing, gasping for air, almost. The, in the area at the bridge of my nose and third eye started vibrating--fast and powerful. Then, in the in-person, all the previous and more, which included arms outstretched and a feeling that I was Jesus and was reliving his crucifixion with the reality of "I am dying, I am really dying" and this is what it felt like to die on a cross. So two very intense experiences.

Healing sessions are sanctuary and ceremony--where physical, emotional healing, spiritual awakening & the catalyst into your own gifted nature occurs. They are where cures and magic happen. Though most come to me seeking relief from a specific physical or mental illness, neither of those are separate from our environments, the things of the 'spiritual' or natural world and histories. Healing sessions address all issues simultaneously.


Within sessions there are transcendental, deep experiences that are of the sublime, bringing understanding of the mysterious, and engage participants in the ‘rapture of being alive’. One client calls sessions the “womb with a view.”.They allow us to see ourselves and the divine as unified, as One. Whole, healed. And reborn as such. In hours.  


During healing sessions people have a range of spiritual, physical and emotional experiences. Sometimes long-hidden emotions arise; out-of-body experiences communication with Ancestors, and more occur. People experience the healing of chronic illness, spontaneous orgasm, visions of and interactions with Jesus and others, and more. Some people actually see me or feel me touch them when we are thousands of miles apart. Many walk away without the disease that they walked in with.


Music and breath are my tools to move through you, time and space; working with a focus that goes beyond mindfulness into an expansiveness that truly is beyond words. I open myself to bring intense peace, blissful joy, emotional release, the removal of physical & mental illness, benediction and, occasionally, some bawdiness!


Individual sessions are offered remotely and in-person. They are usually 2 hours long but often go longer. There is no set fee for this work, it is for everyone, no matter their financial status. Clients pay what they can, if they can. Those who pay more support the work for those who cannot pay at all.


When we uncover a need for longer-term nurturing and guidance during sessions, arrangements can be made for such.