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I use the word Becoming to describe the spiritual transformation or 'awakening' process you have begun. You are morphing into a new way of Being, of measuring and experiencing the world outside of the boundaries previously relied on.


Things may be happening within and around you that make no sense but feel so right but you're to-the-marrow tired. Your body won't work right, your brain has taken a hike and all your get up and go has got up and gone. You are in the midst one of the most excruciating processes humans are part of. . And, it is indeed work, hard work and you cannot go further alone.


This is not meant for mass consumption. My teaching is specifically for those few whose spiritual awakening is connected to the rebirth the Old Medicine Way. This takes one to levels of exploration and understandings that are beyond the limitations of language and modern definitions of what is 'spiritual'. It is not for everyone. It is for those who are willing to forget what they think they know and move into a deeper realization of self and universal relationship.


This is focused work that requires a long-term commitment of at least six months. There's a stick-to-it-ness, building a different kind of muscle memory, that requires weekly video or in-person meetings, participation in one 1/2 day session per month, and completion of homework.

My own calling made a surprise appearance 16 years ago. A new way of Being opened within me and snow-globed my world. I later determined that no one would go this alone if they crossed my path. My philosophy is simple: there is no separation; we've merely forgotten the intimacy with which Ancestors and the natural world relate with us.

I provide tools and guidance for staying in your hearted-truth while you move through life; especially when the practical world and spiritual world feel so apart from each other. I hold the torch to light what you cannot see. The structure created in our work together is bumper rails so you don't land in the gutter when things feel overwhelming. Our focus is on relationship development with aspects of the seen and unseen world, including the depths of yourself. 


The methods we use are not part of the modern spiritual dialogue but have been part of universal exploration since humans first began seeking to understand what lies beyond our sight. Direct transmission is accompanied by focused stillness and healing. Questions are often answered with questions, knowing that you already have a wellspring of your own innate wisdom & magic that you’ve not yet tapped.


There is an Arabic word ‘sohbet’. In the Sufi tradition, it is defined not just as ‘conversation’ but used to describe teaching as a spiritual transmission where dialogue is accompanied by a cleansing of the soul and meeting of the hearts. This is how we work: in relationship with the divine and with you as divine. 


This work is trauma-informed and we use my background as a mental health therapist as well as my practice as shaman and seer to help process experiences, and bring new awareness into real-world practice. Together, we bring inner states of deep connection to practical daily living--with Grace and unity. We work with Ancestors, Ancients, the elements and more modern tools to ease the way through your transformation.

The fees for this work are $925 per month. If you pay for the first three months up front, you will receive a 15% discount. If you cannot afford this but know you're called, reach out. This is for everyone who is called to it.


For $925, you have:

  • weekly scheduled video contact with me for 2 hours each call

  • once monthly healing sessions that are separate from what happens spontaneously during scheduled calls

  • unlimited (within very clear boundaries) texting and emailing with me (because holy-shit moments don't happen on a schedule)

We begin by scheduling a free telephone call. To do so, send me an email.

You will:

  • Receive a solid foundation of support & knowledge

  • Develop working relationships with the natural world; seen & unseen

  • Be seen and believed without judgment

  • Know you are safe

  • Have energy to explore creation with curiosity

  • Learn proximal and spatial awareness techniques that decrease the stress response to universal, energetic stimuli

  • Learn how you heal others

  • Experience trust

  • Be healed

  • Feel freedom and purpose

  • Do homework

  • Have access to me outside of our scheduled times to more easily navigate 'oh shit' moments

  • Commit to at least three months working with me

Throughout most of my life, I have functioned through strong belief systems about how life works.  To no surprise, life has a way of systematically eroding these beliefs.
At times, this eroding accelerates, inducing incredible stress on my sense of stability.  The result?  A total feeling of being lost.
This is when I met Ingrid.  She received me in an extremely vulnerable state, and nourished me.  She tended to what I needed, whether I was aware of it or not.
At times of expansion, we all need truth to help us navigate that new terrain.  Ingrid patiently and laboriously serves these spaces, welcoming those who are ready to accept this space in themselves.  She helps complete the picture, to see more clearly. 
In the clarity, so too the confusion dissolves.

I am so grateful that the Universe brought Ingrid and me together. In the short period of time that I have known her, she has affirmed, supported, and encouraged me on this new, beautiful journey of self-discovery. Ingrid inspires me to dream and dare to follow my heart- no matter what. I am eternally grateful to have her light to guide me.
--with love, Sofia

I asked for a guide to show up in my life, and like clockwork Ingrid revealed herself. She is an anchor and a true mentor for people like myself who feel and experience the world in a unique way. Experiencing the world as an energetically sensitive person who wants to develop a skill in the healing arts can feel very lonely. It can feel like you've lost your mind, or like the gift you know you bring is completely useless. Ingrid is a source of guidance and reassurance. She is a teacher and an incredible woman who's heart is purely devoted to assisting in the rise of healing energy on the planet in a time when it is so, so necessary. Thank you, Ingrid, for being a source of security, wisdom, and reassurance for those of us who have an important gift to offer and are seeking a way to learn, grow and be supported.

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