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Readings are where artistry and inspiration meet curiosity and the depth of the heart. The cards, like other tools I may use in a reading, open the way to explore how aspects of ourselves and the world within us interact with the world outside us.


These readings are often intense, powerful communications with universal energies. They not likely to confirm for you what you think you know or to say what you want to hear. They are more likely to push you to examine why it is you are not acting on what you already know deep within yourself.


They often offer a road map to guide you through the haze and confusion of change. In the time we’re together, your fears will be confronted and allayed. You will be shown the place where what you think you know intersects with a future you cannot quite see or, perhaps, even imagine.


Healing happens within these readings. Ancestors and Others join us as I use cards, wings, water and bone.  Deep release creates room for growth and in this sacred space you, too, are offered the opportunity to see differently.

Readings with me are generally two hours, are done in person or by video. I pull as the cards direct often using more than one deck; sometimes using templates you may be accustomed to but mostly not.


Readings are $375. To book, click here.

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