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“Oh man, it's so hard to find words for something that's inexpressible. Think of it as calm, soothed, and at peace as you've ever been - and that dive about a thousand times more deeply into that sensation. And then when you're there, time and space don't exist at all, just pure blissful calm. And the experience of that shifts EVERYTHING when the experience is over. There's a fresh overlay of fearlessness and peace that shapes your interactions with yourself, with others, with situations in your life - a deep, deep DEEP ease. Nothing like it.”

"If you have not personally experienced hands-on healing of this sort, and you're in need of physical, emotional or spiritual uplifting and/or healing - you may want to go outside your comfort zone a bit to take advantage of Ingrid's healing presence.  She is indeed a wonder and has truly been graced with a gift to assist and heal others.  And to add even more to all of this - she's an extremely entertaining, friendly, compassionate and sensitive human being."

"Ingrid is the real deal. She has real hands of light & her healing abilities are as real as the sun and moon! She has a gift that cannot be explained easily as nothing short of a miraculous healing ability. I, too, have felt it personally." ~ Jackie Johnson

Don't ask me how she does what she does but SHE DOES IT! Ingrid has a Gift that works in balancing shattered energies and offers healing and love to those who ask for it. I've had several sessions with her in the past to improve my life and for my animal who was ailing. She brought forth an incredible light and aura.   - Carmen Gill

“Beyond the resistance I found myself so profoundly moved I recall a place where I was One with all that is, it was so much more than an experience. It was/is TRUTH.”  ~ Melynnda Button

"I had a healing session this weekend with Ingrid Oliphant, who is the real deal, and I feel like I'm still learning how to walk in my body again. Came across this quote, which sums up how I felt and am still feeling:

"There must be movement toward the light, from the belly place of a thing. Where life stirs in secret darkness before it can be born. Preparation looks as much like clearing out and cleaning up as it does adding to. This is more than a quaint decluttering. This is cleansing on a life-changing scale. It cuts to the bone." -D. Cervantes

“This woman is seriously, awesomely, amazing and rare.”

“...unconventional, inconvenient...and unapologetic. ”

“She’ll light you up the same way she does a room!”

”I now have no pain. None.

 Gone just like that.”

“It was as if you were actually ‘in’ me.”

“This is the Feminine Christ.”

“I just felt like I was expanded into the size of the Universe.”

“I don’t even know how to say it except that she brings, she is, the light of God.  No matter how you call it.  If you don’t at all, I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m not even religious but that’s as close as I can get.”

“Cataclysmic & subtle at the same time. It doesn’t make sense but that’s how it was.”

Ingrid is soft & gentle yet intense. You will get what you need even if you don't know what that is. She has a heart full of love!!

~ Jocelyn Chalmers

“She's the real deal!  Pure love.  Lighthearted.  Powerful.  Amazing.

Back in September I tore my meniscus and sprained both my LCL & MCL, MY ACL was lax due to a prior surgery in 1980. I had an MRI and went to the Orthopaedic surgeon, I even had surgery scheduled. Then I called my friend Ingrid of UnCommon Touch I thought-duh why didn't I call her sooner…I guess my spirit was like "you need to see the process and witness the possibilities" Long story short, ONE REMOTE session and the next morning I woke up with NO Meniscus Clicking, The swelling quickly resided and I have had NO issues with it ever since!

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