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Corona-inspired Empath Tip #1: Telephone and Video Calls

There are so many people describing the near-anxiety they have before telephone and video calls and the fatigue afterwards. If you are feeling preemptively tired before telephone calls and video meetings and fried after them, you want to get really clear on why.

Is it your nervous system firing ahead of time, afraid everything is going to be just like last time?  Are you pretty sure you’re going to get laid off? Or, is there no additional fear present? Has it become an automatic response to everything you’ve called ‘outside your comfort zone’, a habit as bad as smoking?

Here’s why some of you feel craptastic when you’re on the telephone: You are picking up on things that you cannot hear, see, taste or touch and your bodily systems have no idea what to do with it. Some of you are feeling Ancestors join the conversation on something like an old-fashioned party line. Some of you are feeling emotions attached to the person or people you are speaking with. Some of you are just that sensitive to the physical energies associated with telephone use. Some of you, all three and, perhaps, more.

You are tired afterward because you’re systems have been firing on all cylinders, as if you’ve been physically working out, though you don’t have any muscle (maybe there is a little sweat) to show for it.

You’re more able to do video calls because there is a body in front of you that your brain can connect to. It doesn’t have to try so bloody hard to figure out what the fuck is happening in its world. The same energetics are occurring but the brain says, “Oh, hey, yeah…that kind of explains it. I still don’t know what it is, but…”

I’ve said it thousands of times, you need to ask “Is It Mine?” like a fucking mantra so your brain and nervous systems can learn what is their responsibility right now and what is not. Asking “Is it Mine?” gives all systems enough time to register a yes, no, maybe, or how the fuck do I tell the difference. Each response is a learning tool.

This is just like learning how to walk, read, or play the piano. Once you’ve got it, all systems ease. It just takes a little bit of practice. Breath, “Is It Mine?”, and pay attention to how the body responds. That’s it but you need to do it multiple times a day, every single time you feel anything physical, emotional, mental. Overwhelmed suddenly? Ask. Stub your fucking toe? Ask. Nausea sneak up on you? Ask. Heart rate starting to rev into anxiety? Fucking ASK the question.

You will save a metric shit ton of money on meds, have more energy for relationships, a shit-ton less fatigue, and actually be able to enjoy more aspects of life–even damn telephone calls.

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