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On Hope and Harm

A few days ago I posted this on the PlaceofFace:

Hope, faith, justice, freedom and love do not require the disparaging of or denial another. In fact, they are the antithesis of it. Can you be in hope, have faith, share justice and freedom and love without harming another?

The responses included:

  1. Hard to say. If the other is forcefully obstructing those qualities , I dunno.

  2. Sound[s] like unconditional love, it’s doable but….

  3. Unconditional anything is unrealistic, and it could be destructive. There may always be a possible need for limits. We are humans (along with being something else in essence.

None of these responses answered the question:  Can you be in hope, have faith, share justice and freedom and love without harming another?

My curiosity was piqued because in the furious responses to our politics, I was taken aback by how horridly people speak of and to other people; degrade them as animals (while often in the same breath maligning other who use the same language), mock the results of their lack of access to information or choice to not engage in what others identity as The Way, and use twists of scripture to deny what is universal.   None of these things are new, I know. However, it seems that if we’re talking about a lack of unity while actively seeking to hurt others, we’re then talking out of both sides of our mouth and mimicking the one we deride.

Can you answer the question?  Then, if you can in the way I hope you do, are you willing to change your language to reflect the answer?

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