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The State of One

is just that.  It is, was, and always exists. It is not a consciousness that makes demands. It requires absolutely nothing from you. There are no prerequisites, no conditions to be met. There are no laws or rules. You don’t even have to believe it. It’s helpful for yourself and others to recognize it–even through questioning the very idea–for a number of reasons but you need not:

Transcend where you are.

Ascend to another dimension.

Vibrate at a higher frequency.

Be healed, upgraded, downloaded, or activated.

Try to attain or reach another’s consciousness,

Practice yoga.

Lose your ego.


Wear a specific color or pray a certain way.

Have a master to show you the way.

Or love everyone.

All you need to do is recognize you are connected to everything and everyone around you; all the things you can and cannot see.  Once you recognize that, the rest of life just keeps moving as it has been.  However, how you move with it changes.

You recognize:

Where you are is transcended or transcendent from the last breath you took.

There are not different dimensions, just things you may not be able to see like others can.

Vibration is how everything already moves. You eversofine vibration is your frequency.

You and yourfineselves were upgraded, activated when you were born.

You download the music that let’s you feel the vibration of you and shows it to others through your dance through life. And, that, my dears, is how your eversofine frequency is shared with others.

You are aware, conscious even, that no one else’s consciousness is necessary or attainable.

You realize your body needs your attention and is able to make your dance through this world much more comfortable if you take care of it.  And that when you move it, you are not just feeling your own heart pound (maybe a little too fast?) but that there is another beat in there for someone else. So might incorporate a few downward dogs or do-si-dos into your health routine.

You become aware that leggo-ing the eggo is not complicated, that you are a human, and you have an ego. It helps keep you alive, not an egotist. What’s called the ‘loss of ego’ is recognizing it’s not all about you because you isn’t a solitary speck of humanity flotsam floating alone. And you move through life with that awareness being involved in your choices & actions.

The things above bring the knowing that your choices and actions include those to suffer or cause that to others.  And that leads to knowing you can prayer isn’t about you and what you wear may be but you can fly your own fashion flag as you like.

You’ll notice that in the same way others may not love your clothing choices, you won’t love everyone else.  You’ll just see them and, without attachment or judgment, will recognize them as connected to you and either love them or not.  You’ll be the master of your own domain.  Until you’re not. And, with any luck, you’ll realize that  That’s how we upgrade–we learn something new every day, we reach out to someone else who also doesn’t know a damn thing.

And we dance together.

It’s simple, y’all.  It’s simple.


What Happens?

What happens when your soul Begins to awaken Your eyes And your heart And the cells of your body To the great Journey of Love?

First there is wonderful laughter And probably precious tears

And a hundred sweet promises And those heroic vows No one can ever keep.

But still God is delighted and amused You once tried to be a saint.

What happens when your soul Begins to awake in this world

To our deep need to love And serve the Friend?

O the Beloved Will send you One of His wonderful, wild companions ~ Like Hafiz.

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