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Who can keep a blazing fire tied in a cotton cloth?


why not plunge into union

with the Great Goddess Kali?

Discover that your spiritual anxiety

to be without the slightest ground.

The obscure night of your religion quest is over

and the day of truth is dawning.

The sunlight of Mother Wisdom instantly pervades

the landscape of awareness,

for darkness is not a substance that offers resistance.

Precious Kai, you have risen as the morning sun,

opening the lotus center of my subtle perception

to your  naked, timeless radiance.

Proliferating systems of ritual and philosophy

attempt to throw dust into the eyes

of the eternal wisdom that abides in every soul.

How can any system transcend the play of relativity?

But when relative existence is revealed

as the country fair of Mother’s sheer delight,

there are no teachers and nothing to teach,

no students and nothing to learn.

The actors and their lines a simply expressions

of the Wisdom Goddess

who directs this entire drama.

Be confident that you will soon awaken fully

as the essence of her reality.

The courageous lover tastes the bliss of the Beloved

and enters the secret city of the Goddess,

passing beyond the threshold of ecstasy

into the open expanse of enlightenment.

Astonished by this sudden journey,

Mother’s poet now sings madly:

“My delusion is gone, gone, utterly gone!

Who can obscure truth?

Who can keep a blazing fire tied in a cotton cloth?”  ~ Ramprasad

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