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We Do This Together

A Facebook connection shared this earlier today, written by a third party:

No one is coming to save you, but it is not because you are unloved. To the contrary: You are so revered, so adored, so magnificent, that to send to you a savior would be to destroy your opportunity to become what you are in truth, to realize yourself fully, in the glory of your divine humanity. It is true, there are those who need surrogate representatives to protect their interests: the children, the elderly, the sick, the caged, the oppressed, and the mad, and there are not enough heroines to care for them all.No one is coming to save you because you are the hero, the heroine who has come to free up life here. Yours must come first. There is no other way.If you were not required to save yourself, you would not know what it takes, your compassion would be shallow, your eyes would be dull and cloudy, your strength would not hold out.If you refuse to save yourself, you condemn creation to incompletion. Those you might have healed, might have protected, might have represented, might have loved back into wholeness, may not fulfill their own destinies either. For some of these unknown persons, you may have been the last dry match in the the world, and it would be enough to set them ablaze by your example.You don’t need the white knight. You are the wild horse racing the wind.You don’t need the holy man. You are already holy.You don’t need the medicine. You are the medicine.You don’t need magic. You are a living miracle.You don’t need acceptance. You are loved and adored beyond measure.You don’t need courage. You need faith.There is nothing wrong with you. Be who you are: who you really are underneath all the lies inside you.You are the return of the promise. The peacekeeper. The grace giver. The redemptive force of Creation here to uplift the broken-hearted. No one is more qualified than you are to do your holy work.Apply all that secret knowledge. Set it in motion. Give it form in the world, and become the living gift that never empties.

I’ve edited my response here by adding a few things:

I disagree with this on so, so many levels. We need each other. We are not meant to and cannot do it for ourselves. This is a falsehood based on a foundation of separation that has morphed over eons in caste and class systems, religious oppression and spiritual manipulation.

It holds inherent judgment against others and makes creation out to be something it’s not. Creation always has been and will be complete no matter how we show up in the world, it has no judgement or investment in human primacy. It has no relationship to our experience of ‘wholeness’ or healed or level of poverty or color. There is no individuation here, in any fashion.

You can be a horse and need or desire a rider. You are medicine and absolutely need it from others as well. Your miracle requires others magic to thrive. Acceptance is required, especially of yourself—however you show up in the world. Courage is not separate from faith; they don’t exist without each other.

Sometimes there is something wrong within and around you and that has nothing to do with being who you really* are. You are who you really are all the time, even when you’re faking it. You didn’t somehow become a ‘truer’ version of yourself when you learned how to tie your shoes or cook something other than Ramen; you learned and grew. As you create yourself and recreate yourself, you are being true each and moment. There is no static aspect of your nature and being that suddenly becomes ‘true’.

You are not as qualified as you think you are to do your own holy work; it’s why you feel so craptastic regularly. It’s not working for you that way. Ask for help and then allow yourself to receive. It is a lie that we heal ourselves. We cannot clearly see or access ourselves in totality alone. We do, indeed, have to do a lot of work on and for ourselves, however we need others to learn from and teach to bring that awareness into the whole of our experiences and expressions.

The continued reliance on segregation as ‘the way’ is how we’ve become a messed up species and caused grave, grave harm to others. Bootstrapping it and ‘I alone’ is a lie. Just as ‘you alone’ is a lie.

The idea that any being needs a ‘surrogate representative’ is, to me, a misdirection away from loving. Fully, dangerously (it must be, right? Why else would we take that risk?), deeply. There aren’t certain sectors of people to be valued more or prioritized in terms of love and attention. Everyone. of us is worthy of that and needs to feel it from another. You are all of this magic and snot and fear and power and weakness and there are enough people to take care of others. And, you, too, are an other to be cared for by someone else.

We do this together. Always.

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