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One Human Gesture

This is a Rumi poem about Soul Artists–those that guide the motion of energy that is given.  According to Coleman Barks, Hakim Sanai was one that, it was said in Sufi circles, could “hold two opposing energies in one gesture.

You have a source inside you, a cool spring that sometimes stops flowing, frozen or clogged with silt.  

A voice says, “Consider the situation more deeply, my friend.”

Such advice is not idle. It is immediate companionship with a soul artist like David, who works iron until it melts and he can shape it.

Spirit is the art of making what’s blocked start moving again.  

When your body dies, give it to the death angel, Irsrafil.  

If your heart feels numb and metallic, walk out into the sun, or whatever the mystery that makes *your* inner well spring up.

There was once a sage who felt this flow moving inside him.

As he walked the garden that was being restored with spring water, he gave names to aspects of the vital dance he was doing:  *the animal’s hungry agility* and *the connoisseur’s intelligent choice*.

Blessings on Hakim Sanai, who could put those two in one gesture.   ~ Rumi

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