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Define me, shrink me: you starve your self of Self.

Keep me nailed in a box of unyielding words,

That box becomes your coffin.

I do not know who I am.

I live in brilliant astonishment.

I am not Christian. I am not Jew. I am not Zoroastrian.

Even a Muslim, I am not.

I don’t belong to land, or to known or unknown seas.

I am not claimed by nature or by heaven.

Not by India, China, or Bulgaria.

No place is my birthplace…

You ay that you can see my mouth, ears, eyes and nose?

They are not mine,

I am the life of life.

I am that cat and this stone.

I am no one.

I have discarded duality like a worn cloth.

I see and know all times and universes

as one, one, eternally one,

What must I do to get you to know who is speaking?

Know this–and change everything!

This! Your voice resounding on the walls of God. ~ Rumi

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