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On Demons

I work with ‘invisible’ beings, those that most cannot see. I am surrounded by them. They span the spectrum from Ancestors to angels, deities from multiple pantheons to threads of lineages across time, and those considered by many to be more fantastical than fiction. For me, their existence is not a belief, it is a knowing bound in a visual, tactile and communicative relationship and no different than that which I have with Others within the natural and ‘inanimate’ world.

For me, they are not expressions of myth, are not metaphorical and do not evince anything other than what they communicate, yet they are a reality. And there are many in my world for which there are no longer names because they have long been thought unreal or those that spoke them into being no longer exist. I can say with conviction that they do. I know angels exist and humans are among them. I speak to them and bring their wings through.

Neither they nor other invisible ones exist in a pantheon or hierarchy in the way that we try to structure or explain their existence (or lack thereof) in relationship with or between us, a God, or any Gods.

I’ve been asked why I believe in angels and not demons, especially in the context of child rape and sex trafficking. The short answer is this: There is no opposite, no opposing force, to beauty, grace, God, or Consciousness. There are no 'other' beings contrasting beauty, grace, god or consciousness outside of what we very visible human beings create. There are no hierarchies of goodness or evil outside of what we create. The seven layers of angels between humans and god? They do not exist because there is no division between you and God. For that matter, because you cannot see something does not mean it is on another dimension somewhere else. Insects fly thousands of miles at 10,000 feet. They do not exist only when they are in front of you.

At some point in our human evolutionary journey we began to create stories, including those to explain how we and the world we see (and do not see) come together. We have created characters within those stories in our image, with qualities that imbue positive and negative attributes. These stories and the cosmologies that grew out of them were modeled on human behavior that exemplified socially redeeming qualities that supported communities and not those that caused harm. It taught socialization, created guideposts for navigating communal and internal individual conflicts. These stories were meant to bring comfort and the awareness of consequences for actions that could harm communities as well as individuals connected to those communities.

I’m going to go back to the troll story for a minute. In 2012, I was asked to go into Washington, D.C., for an individual healing session. During our discussion, the client said that he had a troll he wanted me to get rid of. His seriousness kept me from laughing out loud and questioning his sanity. I asked him what the creature looked like and, I he showed me a his drawing of the thing.

What he drew was something hideous, straight out of a hellish fable. What I saw, however, was something I wanted to pick up and kiss. The client shared the story about how this creature would not leave him alone, how it kept pulling at his pants leg, how he tried kicking and cursing it away. When I asked him if he would do the same if it were a not-so-pretty child or ‘ugly’ dog, he said, “Of course not!”  I share the rest of the story here

The point in all of it is what we sometimes see actually isn’t or as we think it is (or should be). Where others see demons, say, raping a child, I know a very real solid human being is doing the deed, leaving an energetic signature of ugliness and destruction that is, to some of us, easily recognizable. When a young man swears it is a demon beating his mother, not him while high, that requires a deeper conversation, one where many choose not to go.

When I have done what others would call an exorcism, there is nothing that is being expelled or integrated other than what the person has created or someone else has–sometimes with intent but most often not.

There is much, much more to this than I can express here so I will leave it at this:

There is no opposing ‘force’, nothing moving against, grace, beauty, God, the absolute goodness of the earth, or consciousness other than what we create.

There is no separation of One.

There is no force greater than us that seeks to destroy, harm, rape, war, belittle, begrudge and judge.  It is only here that we humans hold dominion over anything.

When I’ve shared the photo above, people automatically, as if it’s an optical and mental reflex, see a demon facing down a man. The figure on the left is the representation of men who, the night before this was taken, attempted to either frighten me off or attack me energetically. The figure on the right? That’s no demon. That is a naga, letting me know, he or she, had (and has) my back.

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